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Kwerious is your one stop shop to deliver an interactive classroom experience.
Engage your students and keep them interested with active participation!

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The backbone of our beliefs

Equitable classroom

We provide access to real-time resources at the right moment for everyone, no matter ethnicity, language or disability.

Enjoyable experience

Make your teaching materials more effective by engaging the audience with tools and features to make learning fun!

Blended learning

Whether you teach online/offline, increase the effectiveness of traditional classroom methods with easy to use features.

Design that fits all devices

No more cumbersome setups

Kwerious is your friendly web service. That simply means no installation or setup required by either you or your audience. Just login, and all the goodness is yours. All you need is a web browser :)

Prefer a desktop native experience?

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Don't compromise on engagement!

We all know teaching online can be tough. Driving up engagement in a virtual world is even tougher. Everyday, instructors are faced with a giant wall of people that they have to engage with their teaching materials. Let Kwerious help you in your journey to alleviate the burden of continuous engagement for the hybrid learning future.
Design that fits all devices

What do professors have to say about Kwerious!

"While I did get questions from certain students, it's nice to be able to know that everyone in the class is understanding what's going on!"

- Prof. Franz Newland, York University

What do students have to say about Kwerious!

"Kwerious has the potential to be very helpful during our online sessions. It will provide that much needed boost to help the class engagement stay strong. I really enjoyed testing it out and going through their website app."

- David Ye, St. Clair College

Integrate with your Learning Management System (LMS)

Kwerious can be used from within your favorite LMS. Contact a specialist to know if your LMS is supported!
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